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About us

Peluchemex began as a supplier of stuffed animals to gift shops, retail and departmental chains. The next step in the evolution of the company, and since we already had enough experience, was to bring the production process closer to anyone who needed to make their own stuffed animal.

With the growth that we were having, the productions were being of greater volume and that is why we decided that it was time to separate functions in order to avoid confusion with our clients and to dedicate all our attention with the appropriate personnel to follow up on each client. from initial sample to production delivery.

The attention at Peluchemex is personalized and assigned to a single person who will be in charge of providing all the information from the first contact to the delivery of the production. The client will only have contact with the advisor, however, it is important to mention that there is a whole team that participates in the development of each project from the advisor, designer, production manager, seamstresses, warehouse, drivers, etc. All collaborating together with the same goal.

We take our level of customer service very seriously and this is demonstrated by the fact that we have 100% customer return, whether it is to restock the same production or to carry out a new production based on a new design.

Thank you in advance for considering us and do not hesitate to contact us to assist you personally.

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